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made sure there was a structured day. The▓ human can't just goof off all day and sit in front of the ▓TV," says Bergler. Chongqing spider-man climbs over walls and roofs freehand, better ▓than a ca

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tPu Xiao, who lives in the University Town, Shapingba District, can climb over a four-meter-high wall freehand, and make a rotation on the vertical wall without using any tool. Pu can als▓o overc

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ome obstacles without putting his legs on the floor, and leap between two low-rise buildings lik▓e a cat. He is therefore known as the Chongq▓ing version of "spider-man".The "kong vault is my favo

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rite action." On the afternoon o▓f November 9, Pu practiced the "kong vault" at a derelict depot four kilometers from Nanan District. ▓He sprinted from a distance of five meters before vaulting ov

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er a meter-high wooden shelf, and then vaulted over another wooden shelf, supporting his body weigh▓t with hands. His feet did not touch the floor during the entire process.28-year-old Pu works a

▓200 people

t the Compass Training School in the University Town, and is from Suining, Sichuan Province. He said that "Paoku" is translated from the French word Parkour. Originating in France in the 1980s, Pa

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rkou▓r literally means "free running": a whole city▓ can serve as a Parkour training ground, and any wall and roof can be overcome. Having watched the French film Banlieue 13 starring the Fren

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care of a budgie for eight weeks

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